Team Member

From the moment Fernando was born, his connection with dogs was undeniable. His journey in the world of canine companionship began at a young age when he started assisting with everything from doggie daycare to the delightful task of bathing our furry friends.

As the years passed, Fernando’s passion for dogs grew stronger, and he wholeheartedly embraced the responsibilities of not just caring for them but also learning the art of grooming. He has since become an integral part of our grooming shop, dedicating himself to mastering the craft.

What sets Fernando apart is his dedication to continuous learning. Beyond grooming, he is expanding his horizons by delving into the world of dog training. His enthusiasm for working with dogs and his commitment to their well-being are evident in everything he does.

As our grooming shop’s future groomer-in-training, Fernando’s journey is not just about ownership; it’s about carrying forward a legacy of love and dedication to our four-legged companions. With his unwavering passion, Fernando is not just a dog lover; he’s a true advocate for the happiness and health of our beloved canine friends.